Our Love For Essential Oils

What is an essential oil?

Essential oils are harvest via distilling roots, leaves, flowers, stems, or bark into a highly concentrated oil; it is the essence of the plant itself. Different plants or flowers have different characteristics and so essential oils are often unique for that or for which plants are blended into the oil.


Why do we use essential oils?

When a method lasts throughout history then there has to be some truth or usefulness to it. Essential oils have been used by countless cultures to better the emotional and physical well-being of people throughout our shared past. A cursory glance through folk medicine and the scientifically backed holistic approach are in agreement with the benefits of using these oils. For example, Tea Tree oil has antiseptic attributes, reducing the risk of infection on a cut or acne and another such as Frankincense has been found to stimulate the immune system while also aiding to calm bronchitis.

Another reason we go this route is due to the terrifying effect of some ingredients in skin products, such as parabens. Parabens are often found in cosmetic items like toothpaste or massage oil and in food, primarily used as a preservative. New research has come out that cumulative exposure to parabens is contributing to an increased risk of breast cancer as well as reproductive toxicity.

We believe you come to MoonTree to feel renewed and maintain wellness, not to cause further harm to yourself. Nature has provided us with the means to well-being and that is what we use.

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How do we know the essential oils are organic?

We work with I Plus Q for all our products from massage oils to air fresheners. While we blend all our essential oils on the premises, we do source the ingredients from them as they are the premiere and one of the largest essential oil importers and have verified their standards of productions to our standards. More than that, our spa treatment materials are only from sustainable sources throughout the world.

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Stand with us under the MoonTree

Nature and all that it produces belongs to everyone and we don't believe that well-being is a luxury, but a right. We're dedicated to sharing our organic spa treatments with as many people as we can rather than a select few. Whether you're visiting for a few days, trotting around the globe, or a citizen in need of much need rest, we invite you to stand with us under the MoonTree.

Embrace your well-being and bask in the MoonTree

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Content written by Phil Fayz


Teerawat Jutamontree

Managing Director of MOONTREE | Elemental Spa

Patong | Phuket, Thailand