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Our Philosophy

We are guided by the concept that human health is the reflection of harmony. From that base, Moontree is the first spa to offer an array of go-beyond guest services based in an oriental holistic approach that brings wellness through individually crafted experience, challenging the spa-norm. At Moontree, our services further encapsulate our philosophy through passionate care demonstrated by our highly skilled and devoted therapeutic therapists. We've wedded the oriental sciences and healing wisdom passed down through the ages, a generations-long lineage of aromatic herbal merits that naturally bring about physical as well as mental well-being.

MoonTree Oriental
Inspired by and created from the natural world both under the gaze of the sun or illuminated by the moon.
— MOONTREE | Elemental Spa

Our Origin

MoonTree Origin
MoonTree Meditation

The seemingly disconnected elements of the natural world are just that, an illusion of separation and we symbolize that dynamic beauty in Moontree. We've taken what appears to be the contrary forces of nature, that in reality are interconnected and interdependent, to mold a boutique spa in Phuket. A spa that brings you to serenity.

Moontree has taken the charm of contemporary Asian design with a nature-inspired form that provides a tranquil environment to a multinational and affluent clientele. Our spa uses an intuitive mix of science, human mindfulness, and unique treatment concepts to further foster wellness and peace. We offer a pleasure ritual to our guests, one that conjures the much needed I-Deserve-It timeout, enriched with an extensive range of tailor-made treatments,

An urban-hideaway where indulging in wellness and inner peace is delivered by the mindful touches of therapeutic therapists.

We've committed ourselves to create a personal escape from hectic daily life and have formed a place where a transformative journey of body and mind will recharge the spirit. Leaving Moontree, you will be renewed, full of vitality to face life's challenges again with an reinvigorated well-being.


Elemental Therapy

According to Buddhist tradition, the four basic elements of a human being are Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. Our spa-treatments, being inspired by Eastern holistic medicine, are designed to bring balance between these elements. Everyone is different and every reason for lack of inner-calm is as well, our spa-treatments are specified to each of our guests. There is no one fits all for those who come to MOONTREE | Elemental Spa. Come see what your spirit needs...

The four greats are the Buddhist four elements of the human body, indeed of all the material world (Salguero, 2013:27): earth, water, fire, and air.

Fire Elemental.png

Fire Element

The special blend of Rosemary, Peppermint, and Frankincense is considered one of the best tonics for strengthening mental clarity and awareness.

Water Element.png

Water Element

Combining Lavender with Chamomile is well-known to promote calming and carries sedative benefits when Bergamot is mixed in.

Wind Element.png

Air Element

The great inspirer, stimulating scents of Germanium and the aroma of the Eucalyptus. They combine well with a fruity sweet Neroli and the floral tones of Lavender, bringing about a relaxed state with an undercurrent of stimulation.

Earth Element.png

Earth Element

Cedarwood comforts in a manner that helps with stability, bringing about balance in your energy. Rosewood also helps with balancing and does especially well with the calming effect of Lavender.