MoonTree Traveller

Moontree Traveler

Unveil the source of light within and let your skin be illuminated. The reflective light of gold, Chinese angelica (Dong Quai) and snow louts extract evokes the luminous and purified skin. The Diamond Dream Massage comes to be by the fusion of melanin inhibitor licorice, arbutin, and algowhite sublimated with diamond powder massaged in from head to toe. The combination of these luxurious elements and a MoonTree aromatherapy facial helps to relieve insomnia and jetlag, helping to stop the stress of traveling from diminishing your well-being.

  • Moontree Foot Rituals

  • Chinese Angelica & Golden Nourishing Scrub

  • Diamond Dream Massage              

  • Personalized Moontree Aromatherapy Facial     

180 Mins | 4,500 THB